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Specialist Cleaning Products
Specialist Chemical ProductsDESCALER - Hydrochloric Acid based metal and line cleaner. Removes calcium and scale deposits.

RUST WASH - Phosphoric Acid based rust neutraliser and preventer.

FALLOUT REMOVER - Oxalic acid based timber stain neutraliser and fibreglass rejuvenator.

ALUMINIUM CLEANER - Aluminium & Stainless Steel cleaner and brightener.

PORTACHEM - Portable toilet chemical additive concentrate and deodorant.

BLUE LOO - Portable toilet chemical additive and deodorant.

SILICA GEL - Drying agent and moisture absorber and indicator.

MANGO AND BANANA WASHES - Sap and stain removers.

GRAFFITI REMOVER - Attacks unwanted material on most surfaces.

COIL SHINE - Air conditioner fin cleaner.

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