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Charcole is a heavy duty, Caustic Soda ( Sodium Hydroxide ) based oven and Grill Plate cleaner. The bulk of the cleaning problems that we encounter on Grill Plates, BBQ’s and in Ovens are as a result of the baked on goodies that remain after each cooking session. Each further operation of the heating element ensures that these items adhere themselves even more firmly to the side of the implement.
Since the great bulk of these problems are of a protenous nature they will be dissolved  or at least softened by either Caustic Potash or Sodium Hydroxide.
The performance of the product will be greatly enhanced if the cooking implement can be heated. The ability to hose the refuse off is a great advantage if possible.
CharcoleFor items with years of dirt buildup you may need several applications.
Cfharcole can and will remove paint and will cause damage to aluminium or alloys. It is also particularly good at burning human skin.

BBQ and Oven cleaning
Grill plate cleaning
Can be used as a soak for HD Frypans and cookware (Cast iron only)
High alkalinity will allow heavy grease build up, animal fat and oil removal provided paint damage can be avoided.

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