Big Red® Cleaning Products - Detergents and Deagreasers
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Big Red®
Harmless to anything and everything but cleans anything and everything – that’s the Big Red Story. Originally developed as a motorcycle cleaner  and only sold as that in the beginning it has since branched out into all avenues of cleaning.
Because of the fact that it has a pH of around 8 (relatively neutral) and gets its power from the Phospahtes and Icinol solvents it is SAFE to use on all surfaces which makes it ideal to clean in and around kitchens and bathrooms. It has application on fabrics (grease and Oil) without harm and has a particular liking for animal fats and body fats (same thing as we are indeed animals of the lower order)
Big Red will not catch fire, and has no noticeable odour. Continued exposure to the skin may result in a slight drying effect but in fact it may actually be consumed with no more detriment than a series of visits to the loo.Big Red Cleaning Products

Motor Cycle and vehicle cleaning.
Makes an excellent laundry detergent for heavily soiled clothes.
Range hoods and stove tops
Bathroom and basin cleaners.
Will degrease engine bays and under chassis Kero will liven it up a little)
Spray and wipe for bench tops, tables, motel rooms
Breaks down motel stains in linen

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