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Superwash was designed and built as a Non – Phosphate, heavy duty detergent primarily developed as a product that would maintain its suds level under heavy dishwashing situations such as restaurant pots and pans. It is twice the strength of Sunglo and contains no artificial thickeners or perfumes. It is about 3 times the strength of the better grade supermarket dishwashing detergents (Palmolive Green etc)
Kitchen grease is detrimental to detergent foam and the downfall of many detergents in commercial kitchen applications. If the foam cannot be maintained the grease will re-deposit on the sides of the sink.
Most restaurants hand wash their pots and pans at least in the initial stage and this is where Superwash finds its home.
Its natural strength and foam allow it to be used on walls and floors as well as in vehicle washing situations.
Its downside when removed from the grease areas is that it will streak and leave a  detergent residue (same thing really) if not rinsed properly or alternately not diluted sufficiently.
Commercial kitchen situation in the pot and pans sink.
Vehicle and fleet washing
High Foam situations such as wall spraying
Is non phosphate as is Sunglo and CS so fins application in the washing of glassware, particularly Laboratory glassware when streak free and no residue is paramount.
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