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Aquadet is a high grade, perfectly neutral detergent containing excellent suspension powers and emulsifying agents. It has medium foaming action.
Where products such as Superwash rely to some degree on their foam and strength to get the job done Aquadet has a Sodium Tripolyphosphate base ( as does Gem, Lemon Dis, Big Red and some others) which gives it excellent detergent characteristics. It is medium foam which combined with its neutral behaviour makes it an excellent choice for floor scrubbers and pressure machines where sophistication is preferred to brute strength. Grime is dealt with by suspension agents rather than foam
Aquadet is an excellent Dishwashing detergent but in reality you can usually achieve the same results with Sunglo or Superwash for less money. If the situation is with constantly dirty and greasy dishes the Aquadet would get a start.
It is superb on vehicles as it has sufficient grease busters to loosen most soils and the suspension agents will allow better rinsing than most other detergents as is evidenced by its success under the label Fleetwash which coincidentally is the same formula.

Heavy duty dishwashing situations
Vehicle washing – particularly trucks and heavy machinery
Excellent bilge cleaner because of its grteat emulsifying properties
Power Scrubbers and floor cleaning machines
Can be used as a laundry detergent

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