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The prince of the Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaners

Absolute was the prototype for Big Red. When field tested at the local Bike Shop it brought everything on a very dirty motorcycle back to new apart from the handle bar rubbers which it DISSOLVED.
The motor cycle people felt this was a disadvantage for a bike cleaner so we set about making BIG RED.
Absolute on the other hand was far too good to let go so we turned it into a HD Industrial Cleaner where people expected that it would soften rubber products, damage and remove to paint and dry your skin out.
With these slight disadvantages in mind Absolute is excellent for grease, oil and carbon. Finds a multitude of uses in and  around workshops and engine bays and is excellent as a chassis cleaner.
It has been used to wash the paint overspray from 130 used cars that were next door to a building being painted (took the polish off as well but lots cheaper to repolish than respray), used to clean soot off the internal roof of the Base Hospital after a fire and used to remove the grease and sludge from the bitumen road when a grease trap pump out truck dropped its load in Sheridan Street. That is apart from the normal activities it undertakes in industrial workshops.
 Absolute is perfectly at home in high animal fat areas such as commercial kitchens.
It has a pH of about 9.5 so it can damage old paint or weaker fabrics.
Boosted with Butyl Icinol.
Because it is water based and built on totally biodegradable surfactants it meets the Australian standard for Biodegradability.

Degreasing engine bays.
Cleaning of soot & carbon from most fibreglass and painted surfaces
Emulsifying grease and oil prior to discharge.
Removal of fat & grease from kitchens
Dissolving body fat build up in bathrooms
Emulsifying grease and fat in ducts and piping systems.

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