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Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS)

Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS)

Superwash was designed and built as a Non – Phosphate, heavy duty detergent primarily developed as a product that would maintain its suds level under heavy dishwashing situations such as restaurant pots and pans. It is twice the strength of Sunglo and contains no artificial thickeners or perfumes. It is about 3 times the strength of the better grade supermarket dishwashing detergents (Palmolive Green etc)
Kitchen grease is detrimental to detergent foam and the downfall of many detergents in commercial kitchen applications. If the foam cannot be maintained the grease will re-deposit on the sides of the sink.
Most restaurants hand wash their pots and pans at least in the initial stage and this is where Superwash finds its home.
Its natural strength and foam allow it to be used on walls and floors as well as in vehicle washing situations.
Its downside when removed from the grease areas is that it will streak and leave a  detergent residue (same thing really) if not rinsed properly or alternately not diluted sufficiently.
Commercial kitchen situation in the pot and pans sink.
Vehicle and fleet washing
High Foam situations such as wall spraying
Is non phosphate as is Sunglo and CS so fins application in the washing of glassware, particularly Laboratory glassware when streak free and no residue is paramount.
Charcole is a heavy duty, Caustic Soda ( Sodium Hydroxide ) based oven and Grill Plate cleaner. The bulk of the cleaning problems that we encounter on Grill Plates, BBQ’s and in Ovens are as a result of the baked on goodies that remain after each cooking session. Each further operation of the heating element ensures that these items adhere themselves even more firmly to the side of the implement.
Since the great bulk of these problems are of a protenous nature they will be dissolved  or at least softened by either Caustic Potash or Sodium Hydroxide.
The performance of the product will be greatly enhanced if the cooking implement can be heated. The ability to hose the refuse off is a great advantage if possible.
CharcoleFor items with years of dirt buildup you may need several applications.
Cfharcole can and will remove paint and will cause damage to aluminium or alloys. It is also particularly good at burning human skin.

BBQ and Oven cleaning
Grill plate cleaning
Can be used as a soak for HD Frypans and cookware (Cast iron only)
High alkalinity will allow heavy grease build up, animal fat and oil removal provided paint damage can be avoided.

Big Red®
Harmless to anything and everything but cleans anything and everything – that’s the Big Red Story. Originally developed as a motorcycle cleaner  and only sold as that in the beginning it has since branched out into all avenues of cleaning.
Because of the fact that it has a pH of around 8 (relatively neutral) and gets its power from the Phospahtes and Icinol solvents it is SAFE to use on all surfaces which makes it ideal to clean in and around kitchens and bathrooms. It has application on fabrics (grease and Oil) without harm and has a particular liking for animal fats and body fats (same thing as we are indeed animals of the lower order)
Big Red will not catch fire, and has no noticeable odour. Continued exposure to the skin may result in a slight drying effect but in fact it may actually be consumed with no more detriment than a series of visits to the loo.Big Red Cleaning Products

Motor Cycle and vehicle cleaning.
Makes an excellent laundry detergent for heavily soiled clothes.
Range hoods and stove tops
Bathroom and basin cleaners.
Will degrease engine bays and under chassis Kero will liven it up a little)
Spray and wipe for bench tops, tables, motel rooms
Breaks down motel stains in linen

Aquadet is a high grade, perfectly neutral detergent containing excellent suspension powers and emulsifying agents. It has medium foaming action.
Where products such as Superwash rely to some degree on their foam and strength to get the job done Aquadet has a Sodium Tripolyphosphate base ( as does Gem, Lemon Dis, Big Red and some others) which gives it excellent detergent characteristics. It is medium foam which combined with its neutral behaviour makes it an excellent choice for floor scrubbers and pressure machines where sophistication is preferred to brute strength. Grime is dealt with by suspension agents rather than foam
Aquadet is an excellent Dishwashing detergent but in reality you can usually achieve the same results with Sunglo or Superwash for less money. If the situation is with constantly dirty and greasy dishes the Aquadet would get a start.
It is superb on vehicles as it has sufficient grease busters to loosen most soils and the suspension agents will allow better rinsing than most other detergents as is evidenced by its success under the label Fleetwash which coincidentally is the same formula.

Heavy duty dishwashing situations
Vehicle washing – particularly trucks and heavy machinery
Excellent bilge cleaner because of its grteat emulsifying properties
Power Scrubbers and floor cleaning machines
Can be used as a laundry detergent

The prince of the Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaners

Absolute was the prototype for Big Red. When field tested at the local Bike Shop it brought everything on a very dirty motorcycle back to new apart from the handle bar rubbers which it DISSOLVED.
The motor cycle people felt this was a disadvantage for a bike cleaner so we set about making BIG RED.
Absolute on the other hand was far too good to let go so we turned it into a HD Industrial Cleaner where people expected that it would soften rubber products, damage and remove to paint and dry your skin out.
With these slight disadvantages in mind Absolute is excellent for grease, oil and carbon. Finds a multitude of uses in and  around workshops and engine bays and is excellent as a chassis cleaner.
It has been used to wash the paint overspray from 130 used cars that were next door to a building being painted (took the polish off as well but lots cheaper to repolish than respray), used to clean soot off the internal roof of the Base Hospital after a fire and used to remove the grease and sludge from the bitumen road when a grease trap pump out truck dropped its load in Sheridan Street. That is apart from the normal activities it undertakes in industrial workshops.
 Absolute is perfectly at home in high animal fat areas such as commercial kitchens.
It has a pH of about 9.5 so it can damage old paint or weaker fabrics.
Boosted with Butyl Icinol.
Because it is water based and built on totally biodegradable surfactants it meets the Australian standard for Biodegradability.

Degreasing engine bays.
Cleaning of soot & carbon from most fibreglass and painted surfaces
Emulsifying grease and oil prior to discharge.
Removal of fat & grease from kitchens
Dissolving body fat build up in bathrooms
Emulsifying grease and fat in ducts and piping systems.


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