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Disinfecting, disinfectant, disinfectants PINE OL - Hospital grade disinfectant with pure Pine Oil.

QUATSAN - Odourless, colourless, cleaner and sanitizer for food storage and preparation areas.

APPLEJACK - Distinctive fragrance disinfectant and cleaner.

EUCALYPTUS DISINFECTANT - Domestic grade with Eucalyptus Oil.

LEMON DISINFECTANT - High grade detergent and sanitizer, excellent cleaning properties with peak grade disinfecting.

LEMQUAT - Disinfectant/cleaner/reodorant for floors, walls, benches, bathroom and toilet areas.

NORTHERN PINE - Pure Pine Oil disinfectant leaving a lasting odour.

PHENYLE - Traditional phenolic disinfectant.

TROPIC DISINFECTANT RANGE - A range of high grade disinfectants, cleaners, and deodorants in Spice, Boronia, Citrus & Forest Fern fragrances. Designed for hard surfaces, washrooms, etc.

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